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My passion for the visual arts is deep rooted and diverse. The first steps along my path were as a performer, singing and dancing my way through multiple Broadway shows, and dipping my toes in TV, film and the occasional bad horror flick. Not content with simply being the “the thing of which the art is made”, I found myself working as a finishing carpenter/construction artist at a visual merchandising production studio for a few years from which I was recruited into the glossy and sexy world of magazine cover shoots as a prop and set stylist. Quickly realizing that what I really wanted was to be the guy who was telling me what to do, I enrolled at Parsons School for Design to prepare for the bold and exciting world of art direction.

I am honored to have worked at global design firms for the past 10+ years, being able to work on brand, culture and diversity focused projects at super high levels. My contributions range from corporate identities to video editing and motion graphics to experiential design, helping to create environments which foster and nurture collaboration and holistic culture.


As you navigate through my portfolio you will find examples of client work that run the gamut of well ordered and structured corporate work to pieces that are driven by passion and disruption of the status quo.


I’m grateful for the opportunity to share some of who and what I am with you.

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